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AR400 steel plates, renowned for their high carbon content and abrasion resistance, have a nominal hardness of 400 on the Brinell scale, and a minimum hardness ranging from 360 to 440. This exceptional hardness makes AR400 ideal for various applications including heavy-duty liners and cutting edges. Its strength, being three times that of mild steel, along with strong wear resistance for temperatures below 250°C, and thorough hardness, are key attributes. Delaware Valley Steel (DVS) can assist in leveraging these properties effectively, offering expertise in handling, processing, and utilizing AR400 steel plates in various industrial applications. Their support ensures optimized use of AR400’s features, enhancing performance and durability in challenging environments.


AR400 Steel Plates

AR400 Steel Plate Applications

  • Bucket liners
  • Dozer liners
  • Crush liners
  • Cutting edges
steel plate burning

AR400 Steel Plate Applications are available For Local Delivery & National Shipping

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