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Not only is Delaware Valley Steel a steel plate distributor and supplier of products such as 4140 plates and a515 Grade 70 steel plates, (and an
expansive collection of carbon, PVQ, and alloy steel, and Grade A ABS plates), but we also provide a full complement of plate processing services. For the last 60 years, Delaware Valley Steel has been offering services such as plate burning, plate-saw cutting, heat-treating, blanchard
grinding, local delivery throughout PA, NJ, DE, MD, and country-wide shipping.

Our company is one of the only teams in the Northeast region that provides thermal treating and uses a plate saw on-site. Our full array
of services result in ready-to-use products for industries, such as power generationheat exchangerschemical & oil refining, and
machining, freeing you from having to keep a full plate in stock, saving you inventory space and money. Read more about our
services offered below, and for more information, contact our team today.

NEW! Now Offering Plasma Cutting!

We now offer precision steel plate cutting with our new CNC plasma cutting machine. In addition to faster speed, there are many advantages to using this machine on steel 1″ thick or less: by utilizing a much smaller cutting path there’s less excess material, which means cleaner and prettier parts. Plasma-cutting steel eliminates the heat-effected zone of a cut, bringing less distortion on thinner plates, and it results in much tighter tolerances, making non-linear cuts much more feasible with a beautiful end result. Efficiencies in faster cutting times allow you to receive your material faster. Contact us today for more information on our new CNC plasma cutting machine!

Machine cutting six steel rings at once at steel plate supplier in Pennsylvania

Full Complement of Plate Processing

These machines are fully programmable on our burning-specific CAD and Nesting software. We can program your drawing, or you can email us your own .dxf, .dwg, or other CAD drawing that can be imported directly into our machines. Please contact us for more information.

stacked steel plate burning at steel plate supplier in Pennsylvania

Plate Burning

Delaware Valley Steel is known nationwide for our expertise in cutting complex shapes. We offer plate burning at a variety of sizes ranging of 3/16” to 14” thick. We have our own plate saw, allowing us to cut a wide range of shapes and sizes. Contact us regarding your complex shapes and sizes, and let’s discuss what plate-burning and plate-saw cutting services we can provide for you!

4 single steel plates at steel plate distributer in Pennsylvania

Full Traceability

Every piece of material from Delaware Valley Steel, including carbon, PVQ, and alloy steel, is fully traceable and includes no charge for copies of mill certification.

Plate saw cutting machine at steel plate supplier in Pennsylvania

Plate Saw Cutting

We can saw cut any of our plates (or yours) into flats, squares, or near-machined large rectangles. We can cut as small as a 3/16″ x 3/16″ all the way up to 18″ wide. We are more than happy to quote you on saw-cutting material that you supply. The saw is also perfect for making those hard-to-find flat sizes that the bar mills no longer roll. You pick the width, and we can make it!

Delaware Valley Steel truck delivering steel in Pennsylvania

24-Hour Emergency Service

At Delaware Valley Steel, we value superior customer service. We offer 24-hour emergency service and are available for your pick-up needs, local delivery and shipping nationwide.

Machine using heat to cut two steel plates


We currently ship to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware on our own fleet of trucks, operated by our own employees. Nationwide delivery is also available utilizing our network of LTL and flatbed carriers.

Hot steel just cut at steel plate supplier in Pennsylvania

Heat Treating & Shot Blasting

We have our own NC controlled car-bottom furnace at your disposal. We can normalize, stress relieve, or anneal in-house. This has a two-fold benefit: (1) it helps cut your machining costs by providing a product that has had the heat-affected zone removed from the part; and (2) it cuts your acquisition costs, as we don’t have to ship the material to an outside contractor.

Delaware Valley Steel also provides shot-blasting services to clean and polish steel after heat treating, which removes any carbon buildup for improved functionality and helps the metal regain its uniform texture and color.

Alloy steel plate with semi-circle cut outs

Special Requirements

At Delaware Valley Steel, we provide specialized services when needed. Do you have a hard to find grade? Special chemistry? Unusual testing? If we can’t provide it, we will work to find someone who can help.

Stack of steel plates in warehouse of Pennsylvania steel plate distributer

Blanchard Grinding

Known as the most efficient method of finishing a flat surface, Delaware Valley Steel offers Blanchard grinding services. Also known as rotary surface grinding, Blanchard grinding is best for large pieces of material and it leaves a signature grinding pattern and a surface finish around 65 RMS.

Controls for steel supplemental testing machine

Supplemental Testing

At Delaware Valley Steel, we offer supplemental testing such as Charpy V-notch impact testing, a high strain-rate test; ultrasonic testing to detect any internal flaws in materials; through thickness to measure tensile strength, and more.

Bridge made out of steel


Delaware Valley Steel can assist with highway repair, infrastructure, and bridge building supplies and materials. Contact us today to learn how we can help you during your next project.

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