Changes are the norm when you run a bustling business. And finding an employee who stands unwavering among the many changes and challenges over the course of 20 years is like discovering a rare gem. 

At Delaware Valley Steel, we have the privilege of celebrating the remarkable journey of Christine Monsatra, an indispensable member of our family since 2003. 

From her beginnings as an expert administrative professional to her current role in the accounting department, Christine’s story is one of dedication, growth, and enduring commitment.

A Professional Journey 

Christine’s history with Delaware Valley Steel began in 2003 when she joined the team as an administrative professional. Her days were filled with answering phones, meticulously handling data entry, and managing delivery paperwork. These foundational tasks laid the groundwork for her understanding of the inner workings of our company and the intricacies of the steel industry. As she engaged with the various aspects of the business, Christine’s innate talent and diligence began to shine through.

Accepting a New Challenge 

Recognizing Christine’s potential, Delaware Valley Steel extended a new opportunity to her – a chance to work in the sales department and directly engage with our valued customers. This transition marked a pivotal moment in her professional journey. 

As she continued her immersion into the nuances of the steel industry, this position provided Christine with a unique vantage point. Working in sales allowed her to witness firsthand how our products serve as the backbone of countless projects and ventures.

Mastering the Art of Adaptation

As the steel industry and our company continued to evolve, so did Christine’s role within Delaware Valley Steel. 

Two years ago, she eagerly accepted a new challenge and transitioned to the accounting department. In her current role, Christine deftly manages payables, receivables, billing, banking, and financials – crucial components that keep the wheels of our operations turning smoothly. Her adaptability and ability to excel in diverse domains exemplify the spirit of growth that Delaware Valley Steel fosters.

More than an Employee – A Family Member

While she excels at every professional role, Christine’s heart lies in the moments that define her outside the office. A loving mother of two adult children, Ryan and Tyler, she finds immeasurable joy in her role as a grandmother to 19-month-old Cameron. The laughter and boundless energy of her grandson are a testament to the love that fuels Christine’s unwavering dedication.

In her free time, Christine indulges in pursuits that rejuvenate her spirit. Whether it’s the tranquility of the mountains, the sun, sand and surf of the beach, or the excitement of four-wheeling adventures, Christine’s hobbies proved some of her most cherished moments.

A Wonderful Work Environment

As Christine reflects on her remarkable professional journey, she is quick to attribute her success to the nurturing environment at Delaware Valley Steel. She speaks fondly of the leadership team who treat her not just as an employee, but as a valued member of the family. 

This sense of belonging, combined with the challenges that encourage her to learn and grow, has made her two-decade professional career journey an extraordinary one.

Cheers to Christine

In spotlighting Christine’s 20 years with Delaware Valley Steel, we celebrate more than just an employee – we celebrate a testament to perseverance, professional and personal growth and dedication. 

Christine’s journey is a shining example of the incredible stories that are etched into the fabric of our company. Her evolution from an administrative professional to a pillar of our accounting department exemplifies the ethos of Delaware Valley Steel – a commitment to growth, a willingness to face challenges and an unwavering dedication to always doing your best. 

As we celebrate Christine’s many accomplishments, we also salute the spirit of every member of the Delaware Valley Steel family. Together, we forge ahead to deliver excellence and innovation to the industries we serve