Exciting Delaware Valley Steep news!

Recently, Jerry Sharpe, President, and Bill Leahy, COO, had the pleasure of attending the annual Fabtech Expo. As the largest show of its kind, Fabtech exhibits thousands of new products and services geared towards the fabrication, cutting and handling of steel.

Laser Technology Takes Center Stage

At this year’s event in Chicago, lasers were far and away the stars of the show when it came to steel fabrication machinery. Around every corner, Jerry and Bill discovered a new laser machine. Traditional CO2 technology is now giving way to the cutting-edge fiber lasers that boast superior capacity and quality.

Navigating DOT Regulations

While the focus on laser machinery was fascinating, our team soon realized that due to DOT requirements prohibit the use of thermal processes for cutting holes, effectively removing laser machines from consideration for our purposes.

Exploring Innovative Alternatives

Even though lasers will not be a part of our new equipment additions, Jerry and Dave explored alternative solutions, including combination machines that are capable of oxyfuel, plasma, drilling, and machining simultaneously. These versatile steel fabrication machines not only promise efficiency but also safer material handling techniques.

Networking and Surprises

Although it was fun and informative to see all the cool and innovative tech in action, the true highlight of the expo was the opportunity for Jerry and Bill to connect with our valued customers and partners. 

And, as a delightful surprise, a robot that could pour beer added an extra bit of fun to the event!

Watch This Space! 

Stay tuned to our blog as our team continues to explore cutting-edge steel fabrication machinery and solutions. The future of steel fabrication is bright, and Delaware Valley Steel is committed to being at the forefront of innovation!